As finance executives become more engaged in corporate strategy, finance function transformations are critical to enable the changes that strategy execution requires. Finance function transformations drive shareholder value and should be developed in line with an organization’s overall strategy and its expectations of the finance team.

N.E.W. INVESTMENTS’ expertise and experience can help organizations successfully execute their finance function transformation goals and objectives. We understand the key elements that drive these transformation activities, and can assist in developing a fully integrated approach to ensure long-term adherence to new process and procedure.

Any transformation project should consider your organisation’s current state of awareness and readiness in the following areas:

  • Finance function health checks
  • Finance system improvement
  • Finance policy, process and procedures
  • Financial risk and control management
  • Financial process mapping
  • Process and system automation
  • Outsourcing readiness
  • Project and job cost accounting establishment
  • Payroll system review and improvement
  • Budget establishment and process improvement
  • Finance team capability assessments, improvements and recruitment
  • Finance staff training
  • Board, executive and management reporting.