Without appropriate financial governance, an organisation is vulnerable to internal and external issues such as fraud and misappropriation. Demonstrated consideration of critical financial governance matters can provide confidence to all stakeholders.

At N.E.W. INVESTMENTS, our Financial Management Consulting team draws on their experience of working with boards, committees and executive teams to understand the appropriate levels of financial governance and what is required to ensure effective implementation.

By maintaining a holistic view of the latest regulatory changes and global risks, our team is able to assist your organisation in making effective decisions at the right time. These decisions could be around the setting of controls or financial policies, or ensuring procedures are in place to provide confidence that the appropriate budgeting, reporting and/or compliance requirements are completed.

Due to the nature of these requirements, organisations don’t need to carry the cost of a full-time specialist – our team can provide the expertise as and when required in the organisation’s journey, including:

  • Establishment of financial controls and policies
  • Statutory and management reporting
  • Audit readiness
  • Budgeting processes
  • Financial delegations, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Accounting  and taxation advice with assistance from N.E.W. INVESTMENTS technical teams
  • Project cost reviews
  • Review of executive and senior leadership structures, including boards and committees, along with the frequency and focus of meetings.