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N.E.W. Investments Limited

Founded and based in 2002 in London with a daughter company in Zurich, N.E.W. INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a multinational private equity, alternative asset management and financial services company. Represented as one of the most reliable private equity and alternative investment firms in the world,

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Internal Business Generator Platform

In order to provide the best services possible in regarding to funding we are proud to announce the cooperation with the business generator platform.

This platform gives access to huge opportunities in regards to funding and overall business development.
Over 120 Banks and Fund directors,who funded last year over 45% of the registered startups will be able to assess your Business-plan.

Business Generator Platform is the propeller for your business to take of. 
The Internal Business Generator Platform is a permanent-going, restricted-access-Business-Database for exclusive Internal Bank-to-Bank use, representing the investment needs of 120 Commercial, Investment Banks, Hedge- and Investment Funds.

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