We were recently granted access to the Internal Business Generator Platform.

N.E.W. INVESTMENTS LIMITED has top contacts around the world and specializes in attracting capital, financial partners, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, buyouts, off-market commercial / investment real estate, bank instruments and optimizing financial and capital structure.

We provide global financial service tailored to the individual needs of our international customers, based on a personal and confidential relationship.

N.E.W. INVESTMENTS LIMITED works very professional. Our focus is institutional development, including strategic planning, project development, joint venture and risk management

N.E.W. INVESTMENTS LIMITED have worked with private and institutional clients in all corners of the world and in all stages of development. We posses an in depth understanding of the complex and ever changing interface between the private and public sources of financial services and risk management solutions.

N.E.W. INVESTMENTS LIMITED services are individualized to meet the needs and goals of each client. We stress direct communication, both written and oral and try to keep an open dialogue with all clients on an on going basis. We work as a consultant under our company philosophy.


The founders of N.E.W. INVESTMENTS LIMITED are still leaders of providing personal and Joint Venture activities. Personally involved in the daily affairs of the company, they have direct contacts with owns customers. As entrepreneurs, they often share the same concerns. We focus on capital preservation and performance management. As further confirmation of our commitment, our remuneration is linked to actual results, and this increases motivation and creates a commonality of mutual involvment and interest. All our efforts are focused on portfolio and Joint Venture management. In order to generate significant performance, N.E.W. INVESTMENTS LIMITED follows a disciplined process and uses the most advanced tools to reduce volatility.

N.E.W. Investments’ total assets – £60 060 000

N.E.W Investments Ltd. specializes in financial services utilizing a global network of contacts.
With this international network we have the ability to provide tailored made solutions for our existing and future clients in the areas of attracting capital, creating financial partnerships and raising private equity. Services regarding buyouts, mergers and acquisitions. Investments in real estate and bank instruments. And optimizing financial and capital structures.

One of our focus areas is institutional development including strategic planning, project development and risk management.

We have worked with private and institutional clients from all corners of the world and in all stages of development. We posses an in depth understanding of the complex and ever changing relation between the private and public financial sectors.

We believe in a professional and open relationship in order to meet the clients needs and goals in the best way possible.

As entrepreneurs and founders of the company we understand the needs of our clients and always will be involved with every project that falls under the companies wings.